African Library Project

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African Library Project

The Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross (OSC) endorses the great work of the ‘African Library Project’. They coordinate book drives in the United States and partner with African schools and villages to start small libraries.
They have helped start 2,293 libraries with 2,296,487 books in countries such as Ghana; Kenya; Lesotho; Malawi; Sierra Leone; Swaziland and more…..

Please visit their website African Library Project.

Courtesy of the African Library Project

Their good work is in line with the OSC’s mission which is to assist with the education of our global children and the communities in which they live.

OSC Library

And so the OSC members worldwide and in particular the North America Commanderies, are encouraged to volunteer time; start book drives and assist our ‘sister’ organisation the African Library Project in achieving their goals.

In addition the OSC (Australian Commandery) through the Southern Cross Chapter from Melbourne, Victoria and the Hervey Bay Chapter in Queensland have launched a book drive to collect a container load of children’s books. Once achieved, the first shipment is to be sent to our schools in Ghana and West Africa. This will be followed by another shipment to our Kenya Commandery to distribute throughout East Africa.

If you would like to assist, volunteer; donate in anyway then please contact the President’s Office at



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( Certain images and dialogue has been borrowed from the African Library Project website and remains the property of the ALP. Shared for humanitarian purposes and our joint projects only)