• All positions are given on merit alone at the discretion of the Grand Master.
  • All positions hold an expectation of an appointed member being ‘Active in Humanity’, as per our credo.
  • All positions are held by the Grand Master of the OSC who will deputise worthy brothers or sisters to these roles.
  • All positions will be transferred back to the Grand Master immediately upon non-performance or when disrepute is brought upon the Organisation. These positions may be reappointed when a suitable candidate comes forth.

The OSC is a non monetary Organisation. Individuals or groups of individuals may raise moneys independently for charitable purposes


The structure of the OSC reflects its proud origins as a civil Order of Chivalry, retaining the same ideals and values since its inception in 2010.
The ranks are as follows
– Senior Commander       (Larger geographical areas)
– National Commander   (Countries/non-political zones)
– Ambassadors – (equaling National Commander)
– Regional Commander   (States or Provinces)
– District Humanitarian Officer (Local districts/divisions)
– Humanitarian Officer    (Field workers)

Humanitarian Officer

  • All positions are deputised on merit alone at the discretion of the Grand Master.
  • Humanitarian Officers represent the OSC in their respective communities.
  • Humanitarian Officers are the backbone of the OSC as field workers and volunteers in Humanity

Expectations are to be ‘Active in Humanity’; recommend like-minded brothers and sisters to the OSC; liaise closely with their National and Regional Commanders and work as a team with members and supporters of the OSC and other humanitarian organisations.

For membership inquiries forward an Email to:



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