OSC Chapters

OSC Chapters

  • The formation of Chapters (Field Branches) is encouraged to bring together both OSC Humanitarian Officers and volunteers alike in order to work on community projects in the field.
  • Any request for the formation of an OSC Chapter must be forwarded to the President’s office for approval.
  • Proposed Chapter names are to be included within the submission, along with an explanation behind the choice of a Chapter name.
  • A Chapter co-ordinator will be appointed and will liaise with the applicable National or Regional Humanitarian Officers.

Humanitarian-order-southern-cross Ghana
Executives of the OSC ‘Fountain of Love Chapter’ in Cape Coast, Ghana


Registered Chapters

1. Brave Heart Tiger Chapter – Malaysia

2. Thunderbolt Chickamauga Chapter – U.S.A.
( Named for the Native American Nation by Chickamauga Chapter Members)

3. Southern Cross Chapter – Australia
( National Chapter under the Grand Master)

4.  Cross of Burgundy Chapter (Cruz de Borgona) – Spain

5. Michael Thornley Chapter- Ghana
( Named for the Grand Master by the Chapter members)

6. June Thornley Chapter-  Central Region, Ghana
( Named in honour of the Grand Master’s mother by the Chapter members)

7. Ellis Thornley Chapter – Eastern Region, Ghana
( Named in honour of the Grand Masters late father by the Chapter members)

8. Garden of Light Chapter – Michigan, USA


9. Hervey Bay Chapter – Queensland, Australia

10. I-Rejoice Love Foundation Chapter- Nigeria

11. Compassion Heart Chapter – Greater Accra, Ghana

12. Fountain of Love Chapter – Cape Coast, Ghana


13. St. Andrews Chapter – Scotland

14. Geraldine Logan Chapter – Eastern Region, Ghana

15. Erin Gillis Compassion in Action Chapter – Delaware, USA
OSC Thornley

16. Winnie Logan Chapter – England


17. Living Hope Chapter – Kampala, Uganda

OSC Michael-Thornley

18. South East Queensland Chapter – Australia