Royal Patronage

The Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross (O.S.C.) is privileged to have the encouragement and support of Royal dynasties and Traditional leaders particularly from the areas in which the O.S.C. is active in the field.

We are honoured to have appointed Royal Commanders as our Ambassadors for and within their Kingdoms, Princely States or Traditional tribal and family lands…..we are working together for the education, health and welfare of their people.

We humbly acknowledge the support of the following Royal Commanders of the O.S.C.

H.R.H. Crown Prince Darrick of Hawaii & H.R.H. Princess Anna of Hawaii
Head of the Royal Houses of Kalakaua & Kamehameha

OSC Hawaii Michael-Thornley Royal-patronage

H.R.H. Togbe Osei II, Dufia of Godenu, Ghana
Royal House of Godenu, Ghana

Togbe-Osei Royal-patronage OSC

H.R.H. Princess Royal Agwuna, Agwuna dynatsy, Nigeria

H.H. Rawat Trihuwan Singh Rathore, Rawat of Barmer, India


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