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Hoapili Foundation

“We are the heirs of the Kalakaua and Kamehameha Royal Families. We feel that it is important to care for our people in whatever capacity we can. We believe in the principles of Ho’omau Ke Ola in that it incorporates the ancient practices of our Hawaiian ancestors in an effort to assist in the rehabilitation of our Hawaiian people who have addictions. As a non profit facility, it is important to raise funds for their continued success. We believe in a healthy lifestyle for not only our adults but also for the children that are a part of the families involved and for their future. ”

Their Royal Highnesses, HRH Prince Darrick and HRH Princess Anna, have set up a GofundMe project to assist the people of Hawaii. Please donate >HERE<

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HRH Prince Darrick and HRH Princess Anna of Hawaii

We believe in continuing the legacy of our ancestors by helping our non profits who in turn assist our Hawaiian people that are in need. Through kokua (help) and Aloha (love) our people will benefit and thrive.”




The Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross (OSC) endorses the  Royal Families of Hawaii and their charitable missions to assist the people of Hawaii

The Hoapili Foundation needs your support! Please donate to this wonderful project today. Click on the GoFundMe donate button below.

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