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The Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross (OSC) encourages individuals and groups to volunteer their skills and talents to Humanitarian projects around the world.

This may be from a local perspective or on a more global basis. Either way THEY NEED YOU!

The OSC acts as a platform of information to provide options for you when choosing a possible project to support. The OSC is a not-for-profit and non-monetary organisation of volunteers in ourselves. And with the independent entities listed below, we have established an ‘Agreement of Mutual Co-operation’ with them and so in good faith, promote their work on this page.

There is a contact reference for you with each project and we ask that if you are interested simply contact them direct and mention that you saw them on this page. In general, you will need to provide for your own means of getting there such as a flight and a commitment fee covering basics for when you are staying with these communities. However that arrangement is to be made direct with these organisations.

This information is offered as a general guide only and subject to change by the individual organisations.

Our single purpose here is to put people together. Be an introduction for volunteers to these humanitarian projects.
We live by the credo ‘Volunteers in Action creating Humanity in Action’.

H.E. Col. Michael Thornley
Founder and President
Humanitarian Order of the Southern Cross

Volunteering OSC Order-Southern-Cross

Godenu Community Basic school -Volta Region, Ghana
An initiative of H.R.H. Togbe III Dufia of Godenu
Volunteers needed for building projects, education, health and other community projects.

School construction Ghana
OSC Godenu

Contact the Office of the Royal House of Godenu for more information by clicking the link below
or by forwarding an Email to info@royalgodenu.org





Siawkrom School Ghana Project
REAP Rural Education Assistance Project
This is a rural school in the Eastern Region, running largely on the goodwill of its dedicated staff.
The school in managed by the Birim South District education directorate under the Ghana Education Service.

For more information contact:
Solomon Kwabena Gyimah
Ghana Tel: 0207488817
Email: kwabenagyimah4u@yahoo.com

OR Donate to their cause via GoFundMe for educational materials and health insurance for the children.

Destiny Equipping Child Association

Equipping the child in the society materially, spiritually and emotionally as we drive them to their destiny

For more information, visit us or call:
Telephone: +254727112602 / 0713044261
Jooi Offices Kikuyu
P.O. Box 908-00100 Nairobi, KENYA
OR Email: info@destinydeca.org, www.destinydeca.org



iRejoice Love Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in Nigeria, West Africa. We are compassionately committed to reaching out to the orphans, widows, the homeless, vulnerable, neglected, abused and physically challenged in the society.
We envision a world full of smiles and hearts full of joy and fulfillment.
Our Objectives:
To improve the nutrition and quality of life of the most vulnerable people at critical moments.
To rescue children from severe hunger, neglect and abuse.
To provide young individuals with basic school materials to improve schooling in local communities.
To reach out to orphanages and contribute to the welfare of orphans.

We are wholly passionate about reaching the unreached, giving love to the loveless, feeding the hungry, saving the dying, clothing the naked and giving home to the homeless by lending hands, touching hearts and spreading smiles.
Our lives are measured by the love we have for God and for our fellow human beings. Love looks around for those in need, Love cares more for others than for self, Love does not look down on others but looks for the best in people.

OSC Order_Southern_Cross

Order-Southern-cross Michael-Thornley 

Chaplain Dr. Godwin Offiongo
Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria
PH: Nigeria 08060464082


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